Thursday, February 7, 2013

Random B.S....

Is it weird that my three year old son wants the "Doc McStuffins"  doctor bag kit?  
While walking through Walmart and he see's something he has to have.. "Pease Mama, Pease." with his little hands together as he begs for it. 
If it's before Christmas, I always say "Maybe Santa will bring it for you."
If it's after Christmas I say "If your a good boy maybe for your birthday."
Both of those phrases makes him very happy.  What he doesn't realize is that it's February and his birthday is in July.  I know by then 95% of the stuff he HAD to have he will forget all about it by the time his birthday comes around.  But, if he still wants that doctor bag set, I will get it for him!


Do ya'll know what Orbeez are?  If not, damn you're lucky.  If you do, then you know that these little slimy things are a pain in the ass if they've fallen out of whatever kind of container your child has them in. 

After about ten fucking thousand of those little suckers "fell" out of the container I decided to vacuum them up.  I chose this option because I'm freaking lazy and I love to vacuum.  Well, let me warn you, never ever vacuum them if your vacuum has a bag.  What the hell did I know, but after a few days. Every time I would run the vacuum it smelled so bad.  I finally made it back to the store and actually remembered to buy more vacuum bags.  I opened the vacuum to take out the old bag. WTF!!! there was mold all over the bag!  UGH.
Lesson learned, no not what you're thinking, I would still vacuum them up again. 
The lesson I've learned is... NO MORE ORBEEZ!!


Chris and I decided to cancel our AT&T cell phone service, because I was tired of spending $200 a month on cell phones.  I'm sorry, I think it is extortion what those companies charge.  Anyway, we decided on Net 10 phones.  When we had AT&T I barely talked on the phone, I have a few close friends that when we talk on the phone we talk for more than 5 minutes.  I don't talk on the phone often but when I do I make it worth while.  Of course Chris got the good Net 10 smart phone and I got the shitty ass just a phone.  It's really okay, he needs the GPS option for work because he drives.  I'm home all day and I have a computer at my disposal.  I also have my AT&T android that I read my books on and can check my email and Facebook (WI-FI only) My point is... since I have the shitty phone we've been buying the 750 minutes for $25.  I go through 3 of those damn prepaid cards a month.  I think because I'm limited on how much I can talk, it makes me talk more.  Because Chris has the good phone he has to buy the unlimited 30 days service.  It's only $60, not bad.  But, I'm wondering can I buy the unlimited card will it work with the shitty phone?  I'm afraid to spend the $60 all at once to find out that I can't.  Does anyone out there know if it's possible? 
This the "shitty phone" I have.


So, a good friend of mine invited me and my booger eaters over to her house on Saturday night to spend the night.  Her boyfriend is going out of town and she doesn't like to be the only adult in the house during the night.  So, we decided we would make it an adult sleepover (minus the pillow fight).
If someone breaks into her house that night, she is shit out of fucking luck.  If I hear one little noise I will be in her closet so fast, she will think someone stole me out of the bed.   There is no way in hell, that I'm going to search that big ass house to find out what the noise came from.  We will be watching Paranormal Activity 4 while I'm there.  EEEKK!!! I love those movies but they do scare the shit out of me!  I will probably end up in the closet anyway with or with out weird noises during the night.  She only has a 3 bedroom house and she has 2 kids too, so she asked do you mind sleeping in my bed with me if I change the sheets. Yah, no problem.  If you can assure me that there aren't any old sex crust on them, then you don't have to change them.  She assured me that there are NONE!  
I will be bringing my own pillow though, I can't handle thinking about sleeping my fair head where someone most likely drooled on it or spooned it between their legs. 

This is basically what I look like while watching a scary movie.

Thanks for reading the random bullshit that I think about.



  1. There are worse things than you son wanting a doctor's kit so he can play doctor. Maybe this will inspire a medical career.

  2. I agree w/ Steve. For Christmas my daughter suggested we get grandson Parker a doctor kit, too. She said they were trying to get him to aim a bit higher (he's 3). She said right then his favorite thing was to call her out into the garage where he would wipe her car down with a rag, then swing it over his head and yell, "READY!" like the rag guy at the car wash.

    He liked the doctor kit. ;)



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